Fordham Church


Giving to the work in Fordham and Eight Ash Green

Where does the money come from?

The vast majority of our income comes from donations made by members of the congregation. Tax refunds from donations made under Gift Aid are an important source of funding. There is also an historic bequest, the majority of which has now been spent to pay for the re-ordering of the back of Eight Ash Green church.

The Rector is paid directly by the Church of England, but we give a grant to the central funds of the Anglican Church which matches this cost.


What is it spent on?

Our highest area of our regular expenditure is staffing costs. Other significant areas are gifts to overseas partners and mission societies, buildings and administration. All building upkeep and development is paid for by donations from the congregation.

As a church we give our full 'Parish share' which contributes towards costs in the wider Church of England and Anglican Communion.

As a church we have committed to give 10% of our income away. This is the list of the various causes we currently support with regular donations. There are also a number of one off gifts.

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We also fund two Apprentices to complete the Cornhill Training Course.

How is it monitored?

Our money gets spent across the range of ministries in ways and amounts which are monitored and controlled by the elected representatives of the church — the Parochial Church Council (PCC). This constant review, as well as the presentation and publication of accounts once per year, ensures that we do our best to honour God with the way in which our resources are spent.

How to give