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PRAYER FOCUS – Thursday March 8th – 7.45 for 8-9.15pm John Owen Barn. As in last month’s prayer focus and given that we are in the month of lent, we gather to fast and pray for the Lord’s leading and guidance for our way forward as a church family. PCC are considering a number of matters which are of great weight and importance to our contending and mission. So, do come and pray for this as well as for other needs.

Sunday @6 Sunday evening – Seminar – 6-7.30 A warm welcome to anyone who wants to continue to ask questions and look at scripture together on the subject of contending and church unity. We didn’t get to finish the last seminar as I had not had time to make my material more digestible! That said, it has been good to do this over two sessions. All welcome and any question welcome!

REVISION OF THE CHURCH ELECTORAL ROLL. The Electoral Roll is a list of the names of every person who can vote in the Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM).
The Electoral Roll is being revised from 2nd March 2018. From this date, if you are not on the Electoral Roll, and would like to be, please complete a form and leave it in the donations box by Monday 2nd April. If you have any questions please speak with John Bradley, Electoral Roll Officer, thank you.

HYMNS AND SONGS OF PRAISE ON C.D. The pastoral care team would gratefully put to use when visiting any C.Ds of hymns and spiritual songs that could be donated. Please speak to Viv McGuinness or hand C.Ds in at the church office. Thank you.

ANGLICAN PARTNERSHIP SYNODS. Saturday March 10 and July 14 – The first partnership Synod took place on Saturday 25 Nov 2017 with Bishop Rod Thomas and was a great success. We seek to gather with like-minded churches to consider how we may work together for the biblical gospel within the Church of England. On 10th March we meet from 9-12 at St Peter’s Church, Harold Wood.

APCM – Sunday APRIL 29 – 11.30-2.00pm. Each year at our APCM we seek to consider the past year and the year to come. This year it is a meeting not to miss. We have consulted with the church family via the questionnaire and we have been considering the way forward that Christ is calling us to. Please do put this in your diaries as a top priority for the year so that together we can hear what PCC has decided and where we are heading as a church under God in unity. As last year, the APCM will take place in the John Owen Barn with a lunch following.

We are delighted to welcome back Bishop Rod Thomas, the Bishop of Maidstone to conduct our confirmation service. If you are a young person (secondary school age) or adult who would like to profess faith in Jesus Christ for yourself, having been baptised as an infant, do contact John Parker for the confirmation course details.

MEN WHO MAKE A DIFFERENCE – MENS CONVENTION -Saturday 2 June, 9.30am-2.30pm This is a fantastic day for men to hear good preaching and teaching, to be encouraged to follow Jesus and to develop closer relationships with each other to help them follow Christ together. This year John Piper is the main speaker also with Rupert Standring. We will travel together. Cost £25. See John Parker for more details.

All Saints Club … this week…The Servant King ! –  The last supper, from Mark and John 13-14.
It was Passover the time when God’s people remembered how God had rescued them from being slaves in Egypt. Every year they killed a lamb and ate it. “The lamb died instead of us”, they would say. But this Passover, God was getting ready for an even Greater Rescue.

PRAYER – We can do nothing without God. Do join us to pray for the preaching of God’s word at 9.35am. Also at 10.45am in the vestry for EAG 11.15am, 5.30pm in the main JOB hall for Sunday@6.